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Para-Unity VS Para-Community

Para-unity  VS.  Para-community

As a writer and published author of historically haunted locations and paranormal investigator/researcher, I stumble across information often that pertains to my line of work, in many aspects. Being an established student and non-biased individual  in the paranormal community, it seems that the more I search for the facts pertaining to science and how it can be associated with paranormal phenomenon, I am regularly reminded that everything I will ever do or be as a writer and researcher working in this field, will always be part of a continuous learning curve of endless study. A study chalk full of science related technologies and spiritualist ideologies that meet along a very uneven seam of wild theories and some very unorthodox methods.

The majority of literary people working in the field, like myself, seek out some form of rational stigma to organize story lines for readers or curious people who find paranormal literature fascinating. This form of writing, for entertainment or historical value, has been around for millions of years in our everyday ghost stories. One criterion, I often find among story tellers and paranormal enthusiast is a genuine passion that drives them to spend long hours; writing, critiquing, and publishing literary works of supernatural art.

The same can be said for many paranormal investigators and researchers. Some force of curiosity drives them to get involved in the paranormal field, perhaps a personal experience or a need to know the truth regarding the strange and unusual. Still the common thread between all people involved in paranormal study, investigation or entertainment is the same, an understanding. But what happens when that genuine experience of curiosity turns into a relentless battle of wits and dramatics?

As the paranormal field advances today, many forget that pioneering scientist and even ancient prophets are still circulating in theories and ideas which are being built upon by groups and paranormal students everywhere. Just twenty to thirty years ago, people looked to more primitive means of trying to understand the afterlife, bringing about the rise of psychics and Ghost Busters everywhere. Though some appear to be genuine and have established themselves on many levels of paranormal study, the media has turned them into a virtual three ring circus of clowns who are willing to say and do anything to get on television. However the opposite of that points to individuals who are legitimately gifted, to a degree and Ghost Busters who are diligently working to advance paranormal studies. 

Any real physic will admit to fault, as with human beings in general, the potential for error is in everything we do, from walking and talking to visualizing the future or communicating with the dead. The area of study most intriguing with physics seems to be their ability to see, hear, feel and understand things that the rest of the general population can or does not. The power of observation is a vital tool in physic understanding, reading body language, visual and other sensory cues from people is another well learned and sometime natural ability to some. Others are blatantly obvious in their own gestures of observation while some are nearly undetectable. But what about those who seem to relentlessly predict situations through generalized and vague communication? Simple minded parlor tricks are typically detected by those with a broader intuition, but sometimes a matter of “getting to the point” seems to be more convincing than just fishing for some cue to go off of.

A fair amount of psychology goes into understanding the human brain and how people interact with each other.  The simple communication of a story or experience involving a paranormal situation sparks emotion, not just in the story teller but in those who are listening or reading as well. This tends to provoke many emotions in those involved. Love and longing, sadness, desperation, fear, anger, understanding, torture, anguish, etc. are all typical emotions felt when listening to stories of paranormal experiences even if you don’t realize it is happening. This emotional stimulation in the nervous system can trigger all sorts of vascular, muscular and emotional cues that some people are able to intercept and believe it or not, every man, woman and child on the planet is capable of training their selves to detect these cues.

Other physics claim to see, hear and communicate with spirits. This form of clairvoyance is commonly refereed to as: seeing and audio clairvoyance and mediumship. To clarify; clairvoyance is a French term, which literally translates to “sees clearly”, hence the audio terminology in audio clairvoyance, while mediumship is the practice of communicating with the dead (typically in many forms of physical and metaphysical forms). Some physics claim to have many of these abilities and most differ in range and frequency and can include remote viewing and even telekinesis and telepathy. Largely, this area of physic phenomenon, is capitalized upon by frauds and fakes, of course making it harder for more reputable physics to find a foundation that has not all ready been tainted by a growing number of frauds.

Other unfortunate aspects of the paranormal community are the ridiculous number of people selling their souls for fifteen minutes of fame on television. Ghost shows, now days, are a dime a dozen. It seems every time you turn on the television you can find a station relinquishing the world of demonic forces and or flexing their paranormal pecs in an effort to “prove or disprove” a haunting. All teams, geared toward the same goal of proving or disproving, should have the understanding that just because you go to a location with a haunted historical past or reports of paranormal activity, dose not, in any way, mean you will find evidence of that claim.

The common misconception and most often rudimentary argument between many paranormal groups and investigators is that just because one person/team has found or collected evidence of something potentially paranormal, it some how contradicts another’s findings or of nothing at all. With varying techniques, methods, and structures in teams, it’s important to understand that most teams do not function the exact same way, and do not share the same dynamics. Also, going back to psychology, individuals and the make up of the team can also be a factor in the methods used to collect and prove or disprove evidence of something paranormal.

The biggest issue today is that too many groups in the paranormal field can not disagree constructively without being over dramatic. The field of study means just that; to study and gather information in an effort to gain a better understanding and learn about things we do not. Some people are more structured to do this on a level of individualism, while others work better within a group. Regardless of the method and structure, most paranormal investigators are certainly geared toward the genuine purpose of collecting information to help better understand their initial purpose or curiosity regarding aspects of the paranormal. For those people reaching out, collectively and having the open mind to understand the foundations of para-unity seem very basic and logical, but to others, who just dwell in the para-community without the understandings of learning, please know you are doing the science we love a great injustice.

So many organizations go unmonitored and unchecked with the growing commercialism of paranormal investigations. Clients of potential paranormal teams or investigators: BE ADVISED, do back ground checks on individuals within a group or team of paranormal investigators. See if they can offer creditable references from previous clients or locations they have investigated. This is never asking too much from a group of well organized individuals who have your best interest at heart. Many teams today gain a basis of education from what they see on television and not through field experience. Good paranormal investigators, physics and individuals involved in this field have and will provide clients with an open line of communication, from background to understanding and the best policy in understanding a paranormal situation means working with the client to gain a resolution and establish a network of trust.

And the same should pertain to paranormal investigators who are seeking clients for study. Do your homework and interview them thoroughly. Many paranormal groups/individuals are being taken advantage of at an alarming rate. Teams desperate for paranormal attention seem to be begging for cases and finding themselves involved in a case that they are not capable of handling, whether technically, emotionally, or psychologically. There is more to paranormal investigation than the thrill or rush of adrenaline (for you para-junkies). The sense of community is growing in the paranormal field. With every new Facebook or Twitter account, a new para-team is born. But the sense of unity is dying and more ideas are being stubbornly clung too like an old family heirloom that’s dilapidated with time. Though precious and seemingly real, sometimes it’s better to let go of those old outdated ideas and gain new ones, again, keeping an open mind and collectiveness alive in para-unity.

Keeping a working and established organization afloat in the paranormal community is easy. Having a creditable and fundamentally appreciated organization of different views and manners of beliefs is difficult. But believing in a dignified unity of unorthodox beliefs and ideas is nearly impossible....without believing in unity itself.  

Post Note: This blog is not intended to discredit or contradict anyone in the field of paranormal investigations, research, or study, but rather an over view of some very real and serious escalating issues within the paranormal communities. 

Organized by: Alabama Paranormal Research Team

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